From Plato to Derrida


Love in the Post: From Plato to Derrida
The Screenplay and Commentary

By Joanna Callaghan and Martin McQuillan

Alongside the original screenplay, Martin McQuillan provides an extended commentary on Derrida’s original text, the film and its making. Joanna Callaghan reflects on her practice as a filmmaker and her engagement with philosophy as a director. The volume concludes with interviews between McQuillan and five leading Derrida scholars.

Published by Rowman and Littlefield International


Love in the Post: From Plato to Derrida is the book of the film of the book The Post Card of the…bonfire, or at least of what Derrida calls a ‘catastrophic overturning’. Joanna Callaghan and Martin McQuillan reassign to The Post Card, as did their film,  their own mischevious sense of order. Their addition of their reflections on making the film, a series of commentaries and interviews makes a splendid sequel to this grand philosophical adventure.” David Wills, Brown University

“A rich compendium of documents, including the transcript of Love in the Post , critical essays and reflections, and interviews with Geoffrey Bennington and Samuel Weber, among others, this original and provoking volume will be of interest to scholars and students not only in film studies, but also philosophy and literature. The book provides valuable new perspectives for thinking about film and deconstruction, and about Derrida’s work (especially the Envois) in general.” Professor Nicholas Royle, University of Sussex


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