From Plato to Derrida


Love in the Post is  inspired by the book The Post Card by Jacques Derrida. Like the book, the film plays with fact and fiction, weaving together the stories of a professor of literature and a film director, alongside insights from critics and philosophers.

Theo Marks works in a university department that is soon to be closed.  His wife Sophie, enigmatic and distant is in analysis.  Filmmaker Joanna struggles to complete a film about The Post Card.  These people are set on a collision course prompted by a series of letters that will change their lives.

The film features a never before seen interview with Derrida, alongside contributions from Geoff Bennington, J. Hillis Miller, Sam Weber, Catherine Malabou and Ellen Burt.

Directed by Joanna Callaghan

Written by Joanna Callaghan and Martin McQuillan

Produced by Heraclitus Pictures